Religious School News - Time for a Break—and a Deep Breath


We have a little time off from Religious School as our students enjoy Spring break and, we hope, a little spring weather. We would all do well to take advantage of this opportunity to catch up on our rest and renew our energy, because we are coming back to a whirl of activity.

First, of course, is Pesach. We’ll take a good look at the holiday in all our classes and at Passover workshops on April 13. April 18 will be our next Family Shabbat Service. Our kids are eager to show off their synagogue skills. Soon after, we’ll participate in Yom Hashoah observances and celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day). We’ll get to know Rabbi Sommer, who will be spending time with us in our classrooms. We have social action projects to complete, art to produce, ethics questions to debate, and history to examine through a Jewish lens. Time slips away. As we do every year around this time, we wonder if we’ll be able to get it all done.

I, for one, am confident that we will. Our Religious School is blessed with a dedicated staff and amazing parents. They make things happen that other schools would find impossible. An example: We had a Purim carnival that sprang up like Jonah’s gourd. A few dedicated parents looked at the calendar, made a few phone calls, spent an evening working furiously, and there it was: games, prizes, a Purim spiel, mountains of homemade hamantashen, all coming on the heels of a masterful reading of the megillah. Our teachers work similar magic. They develop engaging lessons and meet every child’s needs individually. They absorb the shock of schedule changes without a murmur. They collaborate with each other to make multi-age lessons that promote a feeling of closeness among all our students. They share their ideas with each other and with me and make school a happy place to be.

I am grateful to my teachers, my students and their parents for making our little congregation hum with activity each week. I am thankful for the investment of time and love and care that so many have made in our school and in our congregation as a whole. This spring will be hectic, but it will be happy, too. The tragic loss of Rabbi Mann reminded us all that we have to pitch in and be here for each other. When we work together, we generate energy and goodwill. I am grateful for how deeply TBI’s people have taken that lesson to heart.


Kitty Hall, Principal  



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