From Rabbi Michael Sommer  


Thank You

Transition is never easy. By the time many of you are reading this my tenure here as your interim rabbi will already be at an end. It is hard to believe that we have grown to know and appreciate each other in only sixteen short weeks. March and Purim seem like a lifetime ago. First I want to thank you all for making me feel so welcomed and for allowing me to become a part of your community and lives. I am grateful for all the Shabbat dinners, kiddush luncheon conversations and hospitality that was shown to me over these last four months. In my mind family is always family. Our relationship is still young and just beginning. While my role has changed, I still consider all of you a part of my larger family. It is by no means out of sight, out of mind. While I will not be coming down every week and leading services I will still be in contact with your co-presidents, still give advice if asked and still be seen davening with you once in a while.

Everyone is still working diligently to find the right candidate to serve all your congregational needs. Candidates' resumes are still being accepted and reviewed. Currently we are looking for a candidate to lead the High Holy Day services while our ongoing search for a full time rabbi is conducted. We must remain calm and remember that finding a spiritual leader to fit all our needs, someone who we hope grows with us over the next five or ten years, is not an easy task. It is not something we want to just rush into. We all know and remember the consequences and costs of finding the wrong candidate.

The right person is out there. You have such strong leadership and lay leadership that currently can see you through this period. You have incredible people who are not only skilled at leading services, but thoroughly enjoy standing on the bima and taking a role in the spiritual leadership of our community.

Our Shabbat Under the Stars services are an incredible opportunity to sit outside, share a meal together and pray beneath the stars like we did when we wandered the wilderness all those thousands of years ago. July 4th is the next Shabbat Under the Stars and Stripes at Mark and Rhoda Melnicoff's home. Please RSVP if you will be there.

As a community, this is our short period of wandering. We are wandering towards the next era of our communal life. We are seeking the religious leader who will understand our needs as a single community with many spiritual opportunities for prayer and enrichment. We must be confident that we can thrive through this time until we find the rabbi who is right for our community.

Thank you again for all you have added to my life and the incredible opportunity I have been afforded as your interim rabbi. It has been an honor becoming part of your spiritual history and part of your family. I wish you all the best always. May you remain strong and determined. Always remember that it is the relationships within the community that make it a community worth being part of and calling your family.

I hope to see you all sooner rather than later.

With infinite love and gratitude,


Rabbi Michael Sommer