From the Rabbi  (November 2016)  


The Jewish holidays have just ended as I write these words and it is time to catch my breath after the hectic pace of the past two months. I am most appreciative of the efforts of so many people who have reached out to Janice and me to help us settle into this new community. As I mentioned at my installation, I have never before felt so welcomed and found so many individuals willing to help us find our way around, learn about this community, or simply to help in very practical ways in moving into our home here. Again, many thanks to all of you.

Because of all of the activity during the past two months, I have had an opportunity to meet many of our members and to talk to some of you at length. I believe that I have spoken with at least three quarters of our membership, perhaps more. In some cases, this may mean only that we have met briefly at services or during a Kiddush or oneg. I hope that we might, as time goes on, deepen these relationships. I am happy to make time to meet with you personally or to speak on the phone to get to know you better and learn about your family and interests. Please do not hesitate to call if you have a question or a problem with which I might offer some help or if you simply wish to come by and let me know more about yourself.

Since I am living in Aurora, I am available to visit when you need me whether at the hospital or a nursing facility or at your home. Please give me a call if you would like a visit or if you know of someone who might appreciate a visit. My extrasensory perception is not always working, so I appreciate a heads-up when you know someone might like to hear from me. I am happy to pay a visit even if no one is sick or bereaved or otherwise in need of aid. If you’d like to go out to lunch or dinner or invite me in for a cup of coffee, I am ready to go most any time that I am not previously committed. Just send me a text or email or give me a call.

Though I have learned many names of members, there are many more that I have not yet learned and so, I would appreciate your reminding me of who you are and when we met, if you are not one of the regulars here all the time. It will take a little time, but the congregation is small enough that it shouldn’t take all that long to get to know everybody.

Finally, if you like what you have seen and heard during these first two months, please pass the word on to your friends, former members, future members, and others who might be searching for a Jewish home for themselves or their families. We would like to build on the solid foundations of the past century or so and increase our numbers so that we can better serve everybody in this community. We would welcome your comments and suggestions so that we can continue to grow and improve and meet your expectations.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you in the coming days and working together to make this congregation a true center of Jewish life here in Aurora and the Fox River Valley.

Rabbi Edward Friedman