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Current Events

Giyur (Conversion to Judaism) of Neta Rut

July 11, 2024

A very special congratulations from the entire congregation of Temple B’nai Israel for Erika Netzer.  We are very pleased this week to welcome a new Jew by choice, a young woman who has jumped into our congregation with both feet.  Now she has officially embraced our Jewish heritage and performed the rites of conversion and we are very happy to welcome her as a full participant, as a Jew in all matters.  Erika has taken the Hebrew name of Neta Rut. We pray that Neta-Rut will enjoy much satisfaction and deeper meaning from her new status as part of our people and, from now on, we are counting on her, literally, as part of our minyan.

July 7, 2024

A very special thank you to Mark and Rhoda Melnicoff for hosting an Independence Day barbecue at their home.  Temple congregants and their family’s enjoyed a beautiful day with good food and great company.  Photos by Mark Melnicoff and Adele Stein.

Interfaith Service New England Congregational Church 2024-06-10.jpg

Local clergy who participated in an Interfaith service prior to the 2024 annual Aurora Pride Parade (left to right: Rev. Tammy Scott, Wesley United Methodist Church (Aurora), Rev. Scott Hodge, Orchard Church (Aurora), Rev. Brandon Perrine, New England UCC (Aurora), Rabbi Edward Friedman, Temple B'nai Israel (Aurora), Rev. Paige Wolfanger, UCC (Batavia), Rev Scot Hull, UUC (Geneva), Rev Patrick Fish, Becoming Church (Oswego). 

June 9, 2024 Aurora’s annual PRIDE parade

Interfaith Service via New England Congregational Church’s Live Stream Prerecorded

Rabbi David Ebstein and his wife Rena Magun

May 1, 2024 Presentation

Israeli-Americans who have lived in Israel for almost 30 years. They have come  to Aurora to speak about what is going on in Israel. They are meeting with as many audiences as possible to try to share the perspective of the average Israeli citizen. The moral equivalence and unnuanced approach employed by the media is deeply troubling to them; as is the dissonance between Israel's portrayal in the media and their reality as Israeli citizens witnessing unprecedented national unity, heroic acts of bravery, and continuing resilience. Finally, David and Rena want to share with all of us the impossible dilemmas faced by all Israelis daily.

Rabbi Edward Friedman discusses :

Thoughts on Purim after October 7th

Thoughts on City Council Resolutions on Foreign Policy

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