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Temple B'nai Israel Scrip Program

Q: What is the Scrip program?

A: The Scrip program has been developed as a Temple B’nai Israel fundraiser. We’ve participated in raffles, concerts, art auctions, car washses and other activities in the past. But none of these events were as effective in raising funds as this program.


Q: What is the benefit to the temple?

A: The temple is credited with a percentage of the face value of each certificate purchased (from 2.5 to 18 percent). 


Q: What is the benefit to me?

A: You receive full face value in benefits without any additional cost to your purchase. In addition, your support of the program will help defray future temple expenses. 


Q: Can I order Scrip online?

A: Yes. Just go to and use the temple’s enrollment code to direct your order to Temple B’nai Israel. (Please contact our office for the enrollment code.) You can reload funds onto a card you already have or print your own eGiftCards when you order with PrestoPay.


Q; Can I use cash or checks to buy Scrip?

A: Yes, we prefer cash or check because it maximizes the return to our temple.


Q: Can I use my credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) to purchase Scrip?

A: Yes, you can for most retailers. Credit card usage is limited to merchants rewarding our temple more than three percent and only if the credit card is brought into the temple to put through the charge. (No phone charges are accepted.)


Q: Can I pick up and order Scrip at the temple?

A: Yes, you can do so on all days except for Shabbat. Please call ahead during the week to make sure Tamara is in the office or purchase any time on Sunday morning.


Q: Can I order Scrip over the phone?

A: Yes, but the payment needs to be dropped off to our office before the order is processed. We also ask that you charge in person at the office because the service fees are less.


Q: Can I have Scrip sent to my home?

A: Yes, but this decision is at your own risk.


Q: Is there a minimum purchase?

A: No, but the certificates come in different face values, depending on the retailer.


Q: How often can I buy my Scrip?

A: You can buy at grocery stores any time. All other certificates are ordered monthly. Special orders are possible.


Q: How long from the day I order can I receive the certificates?

A: Some certificates are available all the time. All other orders are placed by the second Monday of the month and ready for pickup in four days.


Q: If I lose my certificates, who is responsible?

A: Unfortunately, you will be responsible.


Q: Can I purchase Scrips for joyous events?

A: Absolutely! Consider Scrips for bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays and other important occasions.

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