Designed for all our families, young and old

Each month family programs offer holiday celebrations, hands on Shabbat experiences, and learning all about being Jewish.  Led by members of our Board of Education, activities are fun, exciting, and enjoyed by the participants.  Please check our calendar for monthly activities.   


For all adults, no matter your beliefs

Temple B'nai Israel's focus on education involves the adults in our community, too. Jewish traditions, various aspects of contemporary Judaism and a meaningful awareness of the Jewish holidays can be approached from many fascinating directions. That's why TBI offers an extensive series of classes members and non-members may enjoy. The goal is to provide a deeper understanding of Jewish principles that can be applied to daily life.

From thoughts on the Sabbath to interpretations of Jewish laws, Rabbi Edward Friedman has important insights that will keep you both informed and enlightened. His classes are designed to give you more of an in-depth appreciation of what it means to be Jewish today's world.

Contact us today and discover how you can participate in our ongoing adult education programs.


Open to the public

Temple B'nai Israel offers Hebrew courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. These specialized classes are open to the entire local community. Additionally, they're intended for participants of all faiths, ages ten and up. (Please note: exceptions can be made for younger children who attend classes together with their parents.) 


Each course is presented in twenty hours of classroom time. This is a great opportunity for parents and/or children to take their Hebrew skills to the next level while learning important facts about this wonderful and holy language.

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